The purpose of the Caledonian Games Association is "to preserve and perpetuate Scottish social manners and customs" as sited in the 1899 Constitution of the Caledonian Society of Umatilla County; and to illuminate the city of Athena and its heritage. Our shared vision is to sponsor the Caledonian Games, a Scottish Heritage Festival with games, events, entertainment, music, food and dancing that are founded in the Scottish tradition.


We recognize that Athena City Park is a treasure. We prize the pleasent atmosphere of Caledonian Games, a gathering time and place where Scots may come together in friendship. We recognize the bond we have with our rich Scottish heritage and customs. We uphold the Caledonian Games festival with high standards and great esteem.


To present a variety of informative and entertaining events in Scottish customs and traditions. To encourage respect of the Scottish tradition through knowledge. To promote a family-oriented festival with activities for spectators and competitors who come from around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. To generate and administer funds to support the offering of Caledonian Games.

Caledonian weekend (July 11, 12 & 13) will be a hoot beginning with Friday night dinner and going all the way through to Sunday afternoon. Come and hear music, enjoy sport and food and visit with friends at Caledonian. Saturday highlight will be the Knight Time in Scotland with a knight, his game of trebouchet, artifacts and full armor; Scottish athletics, pipe bands, stories and more! Sunday the knight will do a program followed by Blue Mountain Wildlife by Lynn Tompkins and her birds. A great line up and neat things to see.

Friday dinner in the park will feature the Scottish food of Scottish Outfitters who will offer a limited menu with Scottish meat pies, sausage rolls, shepherd's pies and baked beans. For dessert enjoy strawberry shortcake offered by Lions Club and love the lemonade by Magill's Lemonade. That's all at the park from 5:30-7:30 pm. Music will be by Harvey Neuber & Co with concertina and flute.

After Friday dinner, join us at the cairn in city Park for the Candle Lighting Service at 7:30 PM. /It is a blessing of clans, friends and our festival. It is very meaningful.

At dusk or 8:15 PM we will show a free movie: Brigadoon. Bring a blanket and enjoy the movie under the stars. (Brigadoon is a Scottish village that comes to life only one day a year and that is the day a New York business man [Gene Kelly] walks into it.) There's lots of wonderful music and dancing.

That takes us into a wonderful weekend with Caledonian,: knights, music, Gene Kelly and friends.


Athena Caledonian Games
Solo, Trio and Quartet Piping Competition
Athena, OR

July 12, 2014

Athena Caledonian Games will host Piping Judge Eric Albert.  He is enthusiastic about piping and an encouraging judge.  Sign up now!


Applications can be printed from here.


Athena Caledonian Games
P O Box 161
Athena, OR  97813

Sue at 541.566.3880  or  athenacaledoniangames@gmail.com and Facebook


Special notice:

You are encouraged to help Caledonian’s mission to "promote and perpetuate our Scottish traditions" by donating $50 to Athena Caledonian Games and becoming a Caledonian Sustaining Guardian. You will be listed in the program and you will be invited to sponsor a sheep dog and receive two tickets to the Saturday night Tattoo. Caledonian’s mission has been to celebrate our Scottish heritage since the first games and picnic in 1899. Please make donations to Athena Caledonian Games, P O Box 161, Athena, 97813 by May 30.



In the interest of presenting the widest variety of Scottish-themed entertainment, and because we had so much fun with last year’s Shindig, Athena Caledonian Games has again chosen to host a “Shindig” instead of a Highland dancing competition. Fans of the Scottish dances, don’t worry; dancing will still be a major part of the program.

Caledonian Games Historical Figure:

Judge George Cameron



2015 Chieftains have been announced.

Doris McMillan and Bud Schmidgall

2014 Event Results have been posted.

2014 Schedule is now up.

This year we are joined by Skweez the Weezle, Barbara Nelson and Knights of Veritas.

So be sure to check the schedule and join us for a great weekend.

2014 Chieftains of the Day

Carrie Bremer and Dan Cogswell

Caledonian Games feature in the June issue of The Entertainer magazine on page 16.


2013 Chieftains of the Day

Bob and Deborah Johns

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