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Attention, Pipers!  Please register now for Athena Caledonian Games Piping Competition   Saturday, July 8.   Our competition judge is Eric Albert, a fine piper, musician and adjudicator.   Read about his credentials at Eric Albert on Facebook.     It is an honor to host Eric in Athena.

Athena, Oregon bases its Scottish history on the Scotsmen who settled here, raised families, farmed the land and created a Caledonian Society in 1899 that preserved their traditions.  Present day Athena Caledonian Games continues in that footprint of hospitality.   You are part of our traditions.  We love the pipes and we hope to continue with our good music, friends and a story or two under a great tree in our park.

Registration forms for our competition are at www.athenacaledoniangames.org.  Click on applications and click on piping.  It is PDF and should pop right up…….that’s what we hope.

We are looking forward to seeing (hearing) you all July 8 & 9 at Athena Caledonian Games.

Athena Caledonian Games

Sue Friese