Gather the clans:

With thoughts toward  in-depth understanding of the uniqueness of the Scottish people and why pride should be bursting if you are a Scot, you can visit a clan tent at Caledonian Games and learn how historical events and facts have a bearing on how we live today!   In an article in the Highlander Magazine, (Nov/Dec, 2010) called “Something to Talk About in Your Clan Booth”, author Gordon Inglis shows the great influence of Scottish historical documents on the message and wording used in the American Declaration of Independence.  Further linking of Scot’s influence in America’s growth and development is to realize that  21 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were of Scottish descent, 8 of the 13 Governors of the original colonies were Scottish and many of the generals of the Revolutionary War were of Scottish birth or ancestry. 

Historical events and facts have a bearing on how we live today.  It is possible to look back in the history of Scotland and compare it with the development of our American nation and the principals you live by today.  Thence that view can take you to where you will be tomorrow.

 Enjoy and relish in the Scottish influence on your life, how you think and what we enjoy in our country. The clans are here to talk with you and to impact your Scots pride. 

Attention ScottishClans

You are invited to attend Athena Caledonian Games, July 13 – 15, 2018.

Please join us in welcoming Marjorie Warren from North Carolina, who comes to us to share her knowledge about tartan, weaving and Scottish history.   She will make presentations on the Main Stage in the Park on Saturday after the Shindig.   She will share her 18th Century Scottish costumes!   Later she will have a hands-on demonstration and sharing about tartan and weaving.  What fun and welcome, Marjorie!

The clan tents come to Highland Games to share information with you about your family history.  They have books, maps and many stories to share.  Their soul purpose is to visit with you!    Learn about your family heritage.   Scratch the surface on any family history and you’ll probably find a Scot!

The application blank for registering for attending Caledonian at Athena is online at  We hope to hear from you soon. Watch us on Facebook!