Dances included in the program will be determined by dancer interest. If no one signs up for a particular dance, it won’t be on the program. Each dance will be presented only once during the program, and each dancer can sign up for up to 3 dances. If you wish to participate, send an email (see Registration section below) indicating your 1) name, 2) home town, 3) class (Primary, Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, or Premier), and 4) which dances you are willing to perform.

A list of possible dances is shown below. The number in parentheses shows maximum number of dancers that will be accepted for that dance. For example, up to three dancers will be on the platform for the Fling. We request that Intermediate and Premier level participants sign up for at least one National and/or Character dance. Changing rooms will be provided. No judges – no pressure – just lots of fun!
Blue Bonnets (3)
Cakewalk (2 or 4) (Show off your great costumes!)
Double Sword Dance (2 or 4)
Earl of Errol (3)
Flora MacDonald’s Fancy (3)
Highland Fling (3)
Highland Laddie (3)
Irish Jig (3)
Pas De Basques & PDB/High Cuts (3)
Sailor’s Hornpipe (3)
Seann Triubhas (3)
Village Maid (3)


Any presentation with a Scottish flavor that is appropriate for an audience of all ages will be considered: a dramatic reading of a poem by Burns or Scott, a brief explanation of Scottish athletic events (complete with equipment) or sheepdog trials/training (complete with dog), how to play a bagpipe, telling a Scottish-themed jokes (G-rated!), tall tale, or moment from Scottish history…..the only limit is your imagination! Each act should be no more than 3 minutes in length and geared to entertain. We hope to present a variety of talents and maybe even learn something new as we enjoy the show! (NOTE: Because the Shindig already features several Scottish dances, variety acts featuring dancing may not be accepted.)

Pipe Bands, do you know some fun small-group numbers you’d like to share during the Shindig? A specialty drum section number would be very exciting! Soloists and instrumental groups, “Danny Boy,” “Loch Lomond,” “Scotland the Brave” (yes, the song has lyrics!), “Skye Boat Song” or another distinctly Scottish song, accompanied by (or played on) a fiddle, whistle, or guitar, would fit right in with our Scottish theme. Speaking of fiddles, a toe-tapping fiddle tune would be a great addition to the program, as would a Celtic harp, zither, or whistle melody.

To help us determine whether your presentation is a good fit for the Shindig, please include the following in your email:
your name or the name of your group
number of people involved in your act
home town
explanatory title and length of presentation
equipment needed (mics, etc.)
instruments used (if any), and
one or two interesting tidbits about you/your act
Optional: link to a photo or video of you performing your act


There is no registration fee. For more information or to register, contact Shindig Organizer Kayla Durfee at dancing@athenacaledoniangames.org
Shindig Registration Deadline: June 15

Because our program time is limited, the Athena Caledonian Games Shindig Committee reserves the right to accept the acts that will provide the most variety for our audience. If two or more similar acts indicate interest, it is possible that only one will be added to the program. Entrants will be emailed on or before June 30 to let them know if their acts were accepted on this year’s program.