Schedule update for 2013

Press Release

Organization: Athena Caledonian Games

Date of Event: July 12, 13 & 14, 2013


Athena Caledonian Games, is a Scottish heritage festival, the second full weekend of July, --- July 12, 13 & 14, 2013. Some events are open for participation, some are for spectators. Visit Facebook and website for updates to the Scottish highlights and events of this exciting, free, youth-oriented two day festival in Athena, Oregon (Athena is halfway between Walla Walla, WA and Pendleton, OR on Highway 11.)


Parade: 9 AM Registrations are at accepted at web Because of construction on Main Street, the 2013 parade will be on Current and Darwin Streets.
Highland Dancing: the traditional Highland dances are beautiful and lithe. Young, kilted Highland dancers are skilled in the technical and energetic footwork. 10 AM to noon in City Park.
Piping: The bagpipes have announced fame or war, celebrated victory or buried honored ones throughout the history of Scotland. Skilled pipers perform famous, ancient tunes in competition 10 AM in City Park.
Clan tents: Scots from the Pacific Northwest gather heritage books and come to Athena. Clans are large families with direct connections from Scotland. They will assist you in finding your name and show you your Scottish heritage.
Scottish Athletics: from tossing hay bales and weights over a bar to the famous caber toss, amateur to professional athletes line up to accomplish tasks that may have been rural skills in old Scotland. Noon to 6 PM, Green tent, high school lower athletic field. Open registration to any level of experience.
Athena Caledonian Fun Run, 5K: Third Street Gates to City Park. 7:30 AM. Pre-registration requested. Info and events at Athena Caledonian Games Fun Run.
Horseshoe tournament: Open singles tournament 2:00 PM City Park. Of Scottish origin, horseshoe games make a distinct ring in the park so you hear the tournament progress.
Vendors: Scottish giftsor not , there are good Christmas shopping ideas from jewelry to books and music to clothing. Our vendors bring you their best.
Bagpipe bands strut their stuff with precision. Their ancient and intricate tunes bring a tear to your eye. The Pipes are Calling.......from our parade, from the Tattoo (Saturday evening concert) and from city park showcases. TBA
Sheep Dog Trials: bright and loving their work, sheep dogs are fascinating to watch as they respond to the handler’s whistle or call and then guide sheep through the course of the trial. 8 AM-3 PM
Kids' Games: a highlight for youngsters and the most popular is tossing the caber like the big guys do. A kids’ size caber is available and more games to play. 10 AM City Park
There’s more: storytelling: a peek at life through Scottish myth and legends and downright fun. Clans from the Pacific Northwest can tell you about your heritage. Bagpipes bands, food and Celtic harp performances. Come and meet friends under a tree and share your story.

Entertainment: free entertainment in the park features spritely music with a Scottish
Barbara Nelson, Western singer, lives on a ranch in Pendleton, Oregon, raised kids, cows and horses but always packs a guitar and sings. Most recently she won the Will Rogers award for the Academy of Western Artists in Western Female Music category in Fort Worth. Barbara sings Western song and jazz, but what with her Scottish heritage, she knows the joy of Scottish song, too as she puts a swingy mix to it all. 1:30 PM City Park
Anna Burgess and Jesse Burgess, Celtic fiddler and guitar............after a few years with us, Caledonian calls her “our Anna” now. Graduating from high school and having studied Japanese for 4 years, she plans to stay in the area to increase her Celtic repertoire and plans a tour of Japan next summer then to college. Watch for more from her and her dad with CD plans and more performances. We’re glad and hope our Anna will come home again any time. 3:00 PM City Park
Janet Naylor, Celtic harp: Janet returns to perform with the Celtic harp that Athena audiences love to hear. 10:30, 12, 1 and 4:30 PM City Park
Tattoo: an evening performance featuring visitng bagpipe bands from Boise (The Boise Highlanders), Spokane, WA (Shadle Park Pipes and Drums) and Athena (Weston McEwen Pipes and Drums.) The massed band is a thrilling spectacle on the field against our Blue Mountains of Oregon. 6:30 PM $5

SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2013
Kirkin’ of the Tartan: community church service by Athena Chrisitian Church. Kindly bring chairs.
Caledonian Coffee Hour
Knights of Veritas
come to perform in Athena dressed as knights from old Scotland. They will show arms and armour and discuss the Code of Chivalry that knights pledged. This is a great opportunity to see what life was like in medieval Scotland in this exciting presentation. Learn about knights and try on a helmet! Sunday only at 11:30 AM. City Park
Pipes in the Park 12:45 PM City Park
Alchemy: D. Hamman of Enterprise and her group, Alchemy, present Scottish tunes on hammered dulcimer. 1:15-2:30 PM City Park
Horseshoe Tournament: Doubles 2:00 PM City Park
Caledonian Apron Show New and old aprons tell their own story and will be on display at Athena City Park, Sunday 10 AM-3 PM

For Scottish music, dancing and fun, It’s Scot to be Athena!