Br-r-r-r-ring on the Games!


200 page collection of historic articles, pictures and memorabilia from the Games.

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Br-r-r-r-ring on the Games! An Athena Caledonian Games Album Since 1899

A historical collection of articles, pictures, and memorabilia compiled and edited by Michelle Kirby and Sue Friese, this book is chock full of articles and pictures from the Athena Press, Milton-Freewater Valley Herald and Pendleton East Oregon as well as many pictures donated to Caledonian over the years. 116 years of Caledonian games in Athena, Oregon have been meticulously preserved and beautifully displayed within the covers of Br-r-r-rring on the Games! It is thrilling to see the long-lasting traditions in Athena come together into one exciting book.

$40 per hard bound book

200 glossy pages