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Welcome to Athenacaledoniagames, Caledonian Games Site that talks about greek mythology allusions and ancient olympic games. Mythology has always been and will always remain something of utter interest. Mythology is dipped in a whole bowl of uncertainty and folklore, combining into a very surreal concoction. We all have been accustomed to the certain principles of mythology, and how they work, and the stories behind them, as kids we were always fascinated by the ghost stories, the stories of the Greek gods and goddesses and what not. They are interesting, and incorporative of certain lore’s and together mythology is something that can never become boring.

In the whole field of Mythology, the Greek and Roman mythology are the most inclusive and wide ones. Greeks were one of the first civilizations and a very advanced one at that, and even to this day, so much about the ancient Greek civilization is shrouded in mystery and awe. Even to this day, we find examples of classic Greek things coming to life, and how they are relevant even to this day. We think, in our leisure times if it would have been awesome if someone celebrated these Greek stories in the form of games. Welcome to the Caledonian games where you can commemorate the Best Greek Games of all time.

Real Stories of the Ancient Olympic Games
Real Stories of the Ancient Olympic Games

Olympics are one of the biggest gaming events in the whole world. There are a number of activities one can participate in the Olympics and bring honor to their country. But, what we don’t know about the Olympics is that it is a gaming event that came from the ancient Olympic games held in the Greek City-states. Before the Romans captured the Greeks, that is until 776 BC, these games were held in the honor of the Greek God of Thunder Zeus. They were mostly athletic events that were held to show the dominance held over the city-states by one another. From there, today we have our real Olympic games.

Greek Mythology Allusions And Everyday Life

As we have said above that there are certain allusions that come directly from the Greek Mythology allusions and are used in our daily life. Greek mythology Allusions such as,

  1. Venus which is basically a planet, and is used as the symbol and name for a number of feminine brands, was basically a Greek goddess that represented love and beauty. Even today, Venus is used to showcasing that.this is a greek mythology allusion.
  2. The Logo of the Starbucks coffee cup is that of a woman surrounded by a bit of green, which is almost identical to the portrait of a siren. A siren, in Greek mythology, was an ominous presence but was extremely attractive and irresistible, which shows that the Starbucks coffee is attractive and irresistible.
  3. Nike, as we know is an extremely popular sports brand. But originally Nike was a greek God that showed victory. Therefore, the company implemented this idea to show that Nike is a shoe that any victorious person would choose to wear. This is a great example of greek mythology allusions.
Greek Mythology Allusions And Everyday Life

What kind of game is Age of Mythology?

Age of Mythology is a game that has taken a lot of inspiration from mythology and the greek gods and the greek lores. This game was introduced many years back in North America by Ensemble company, and it is basically a strategic war game. Strategic war games are games with popular characters and war planning, where you get to decide what war plan or strategy you will choose. In this game, the characters are inspired by the Greek Gods and Heroes, which brings a spark of mythology and rarity in this game.

Relive the Greatest Myth Stories Playing Online Games

An online forum is a vast place where you can actually play a number of games without any problem. You can play these games depending upon what you might prefer. If you’re looking for real mythological games, then Caledonian games or the Athena games are the ones you should go for. But if you are looking for online mythological games where you can also earn some money, there are a number of online casino sites which have greek combinations and pictures. These online casino sites are great and they give out loads of casino bonus amount. The casino bonus amount which you get from these online casino sites is helpful in starting your game because you can ply mythological slots games without having to deposit any real money. These slot games are played on legal casinos, and these legal casinos can help you win real money with no hassles.

Greek Mythology Allusions: Famous Stories, Myths, and Legends of Ancient Greece
Greek Mythology Allusions: Famous Stories, Myths, and Legends of Ancient Greece

If you are a fan of Greek Myths and famous greek stories and tales, then you should check out the Caledonian games that you can play for free using a casino bonus. These games are played on the Athena Oregon, highland and these Athena games will bring out the real greek nerd in you. You can find nymphs, the origin of great characters and places, villains, Classic greek figures, stories andreplicas in these games.