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Athena Caledonian Games

P O Box 161

Athena, OR 97813 

Dear Caledonian Friend,

You are invited to support the Athena Caledonian Games as we celebrate everything Scottish! Caledonian weekend is July 11 and 12. We have wonderful music in the park, dancing, bagpipes and plaids! Some music that you will want to hear is Joe Ross and Janet Naylor, a duo with lots of Celtic instruments and fun on the stage on Saturday afternoon. Our Shindig and grand opening in the park on Saturday noon-ish is a growing celebration of Highland dancing and talented performers not to be missed.

This year promises a special project: Caledonian has codified a collection of newspaper articles, pictures and stories, gathered since 1899, into a book. Br-r-ring On the Games! will be an exciting volume filled with local names and history for you to enjoy and share. Available in June, please watch for news releases about the book and pick yours up quickly.

Please consider making a $50 deductible contribution to preserve and perpetuate our precious heritage and traditions in Athena. We are a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization. Please make a check to Athena Caledonian Games by May 30 and send to address above.

Sincerely aye, Sue Friese