Br-r-ring on the Games!

Br-r-ring on the Games!

Caledonian announces The Book Project:

Athena Caledonian Games proudly offers “Br-r-r-ring on the Games”, a historical collection of articles, pictures and memoriabilia in a book compiled and edited by Michelle Kirby and Sue Friese. The book is chuck full of articles and pictures from the Milton Freewater Valley Herald and Pendleton East Oregonian. It includes many pictures have been donated to Caledonian. It is thrilling to see the long-lasting traditions in Athena come together into one exciting book.

With a history of 116 years of Highland Games in Athena, there is a lot of material!! The more we researched, the more we found. Michelle did a great job of the graphic arts that put it all together. Thank you to proof readers and the encouragement we got along the way. .

Grants for the book project were received from the Blue Mountain Community Foundation, Umatilla County Cultural Coalition, Homer and Persephone Watts Foundation and Ken and Dorothy Bjorklund. Caledonian extends gratitude for their faith and encouragement. Our thanks goes to the Valley Herald and East Oregonian for their coverage of our festivals and their permission to print this lovely story that continues here since the first picnic and games in 1899. Michelle and I extend our heartfelt thanks to the Caledonian Committee that offered confidence, direction and support for the project.

As of the end of May, “Br-r-ring on the Games!” ia going to print and we expect the book to be ready and available by the first of June. We hope you will enjoy “Br-r-ring On The Games! and learn more and more of our precious tradition in Athena.