Things Kids Can Do at Caledonian

Bike and Trike Parade: Line-up at 8:15 Am at the tennis courts.

9:00 AM: Kids’ Athletic Games: SAAA Scottish Athletic sponsored. High School athletic field. Age levels: 6/7, 8/9. 10/11, 12/13.

10:00 AM Kids’ Games in the Park Age minimum of 3!

Celtic Stories: grab a “sit upon” and listen to legendary tales of bravery, castles and famous Scots. 10:30 and 1:00 PM

Clan MacPherson has kids’ activities. Drop by the MacPherson Clan Tent and see what is going on. (See Clan Tents on the drive going into the park from Third Street.)

Learn more, listen to more Celtic music, wear more plaids…….