Tree of Life Blanket

The Athena Caledonian Games announces a special  project,  the Tree of Life Blanket, designed specifically for Athena Caledonian Games.   This blanket measures 48 x 63 and it is made of 100% cotton; it  is washable and preshrunk.   It is made on mills in North Carolina by Mill Street Design.
The Tree of Life was designed in 2005 by Jeanann Mitchell, artist from Milton-Freewater for Athena Caledonian Games.   She became intrigued with the Celtic Knot of Scottish origin.  She developed the Tree of Life to be adorned with Scottish bagpipes, a thistle, Highland dancing shoes, sheep and dogs —all  Scottish images of Highland Games like Athena’s, hanging in a beautifully crafted tree with Celtic knots as leaves.    Also there is a little fairy seated on a branch of the Tree of Life too because Caledonian is a wee bit magical.    The Tree of Life is superimposed over a black and red plaid for a very striking presentation.   The blankets are expected to be delivered by June 30 and will be on sold for $49.95 at the Caledonian Souvenir booth at Caledonian Games time the second weekend of July—July 8 & 9.