News! News! News! What’s New?!

Great News Caledonian Fans!! Construction is done!!   All DONE!!  So we can get back to normal.  Camping will be available with the bathrooms and showers available as we’ve done in the past. We are looking forward to a great year! Here are some things to look forward to this 2018.

The Big Idaho Potato Truck will be in Athena for the parade and after for kids fun and stuff. They come bearing their “Big Helping” program. This is a special program which helps them to benefit the communities they travel through. For every signature they get at the Big Idaho Potato Truck, they will pay $1 each for up to 500 signatures and donate the $500 to a charity of our choice!  There are kids’ games and plenty more, we are so excited they could come. They have never been to a Highland Games before so lets show them a great time!

The lovely Cassandra Humphrys, dance instructor from Mid-Columbia Highland Dance studio is excited to offer Highland Dancing classes in Athena, starting immediately! We hope some students will even be able to dance in our Shindig at Caledonian! As an outgrowth of this grant, we may be able to reinstate our Caledonian Highland Dancing Competition next year.  Let’s hope for the best! We’ve got our fingers crossed.

Vendors will be in the park this year! We have been convinced that anything could happen so here we go! Vendors may apply at  and

We are ready to take a chance on a new up to date look. A colorful festival that is ancient but we breathe life into all of it again and again. We need your input. We request your presence to make our Athena Caledonian Games colorful and authentic and exciting. So come on down and don’t forget, it’s the second full weekend in July every year!!