Who we are

Who we are

About us:

The Caledonian Games require a large amount of work to put on each year. So we would like to thank the following people for their tireless dedication to the Games.


President:  Sue Friese

Vice President:  Erik Lynde

Secretary: Mary Helen Wright

Treasurer:  Gene Wright

Candle Lighting Service:  Kim Clark

 Ceilidh:  Sue Friese

Clan Tents:  Sue Friese

Clean Up and Sanitation:   Deb Glover, 4-H Troop & Humbert;s Refuse Family

Concessions:  Erik Lynde

Dance Secretary:  Kayla Durfee

Facilities:  Athena-Weston Schools

Flags:  Athena Fire Department,   Diane Camera

Grants:  Kim Clark and Sue Friese

Graphics:  Michelle Kirby, Amy Rogers

Grounds Director:  Sue Friese

Horseshoe Tournament:   Steve Bailey

Kids Bike/Trike Parade:  Vikii Wenzel

Kids’ Games:   Erik Lynde

Kirkin’ of the Tartan:  Athena Baptist Church

Parade:  Colleen Bagdon and Sue Friese

Piping Competition:  Suzie Reitz

Program Ad Sales:  Sue Friese

Scottish Athletic Events:  Alan Wernsing

Souvenir Booth:  Ruth Rich and Sue Friese

Tattoo:  Steve Pyle 

Vendors:  Erik Lynde

Key Grip and Signs:  Dick Bean

Webmaster:  Nick Seltmann