Play Online Mythology Games

Play Online Mythology Games

Play Online Mythology Games

The entertainment industry has one of its greatest muses in Greek mythology. Films, series, novels, and comics travel through the lands of the vast Mediterranean empire. And of course, video games couldn’t stay behind.

We tell you what video games inspired by Greek mythology are best known. Which, in addition to being works of art, have been essential links in the development of the gamer industry.

Greek mythology lives in video games

These are some very superficial examples of Greek influence in the gamer world. If we look closely, the references are infinite. From the Minotaurs at Golden Axe to the jellyfish at Castlevania.

In addition to lesser-known titles inspired by this mythology. As Hercules: Slayer of the Dammed, who did not enjoy much popularity. Or Titan Quest, which also drew a lot of attention.

We could not leave behind Apotheon, an independent game that all its aesthetics are based on the decorations of the Greek ceramics.

Mythology managed to go beyond being an object of study to permeate every field of entertainment we know: movies, television, comics, literature and, of course, video games. If you are a fan of fantasy and mythology, these three games are something you should have on your mobile device.

  1. Thor: The Dark World

If there is one being from mythology who has taken many fans to the cinema, it is the God of thunder, Thor, coming from Nordic culture. The character, apart from having his portion of the big screen, also reached the mobile devices. Thor stars in an adventure game, where he will defend Asgard from the eternal enemies of that world: the ice giants.

  1. Dungeon Gems

There is something that is practically synonymous with mythology’s video games: the dungeons. If you want a ‘Puzzle’ style game, but with much of the action of spells, fairies, energies, monsters, and Warriors, ‘Dungeon Gems’ if or if it should be your first choice.

  1. God of War

God of War is the rebirth of the famous Sony Santa Monica adventure and action franchise that continues with the adventures of the legendary Spartan Kratos and the consequences of his actions. As with the third numbered installment, it is an exclusive PlayStation 4 video game. This installment, popularly known as God of War 4, will take place after the events of God of War 3, but on this occasion it has chosen to replace the Legends of Greek mythology as the argumentative framework, in favor of Norse mythology, in addition to including a new character: the son of Kratos. The game was presented officially during the conference of Sony at E3 2016, and by what he could see, the gameplay also has undergone a significant change compared to the previous titles of the franchise, showing game mechanics and planes of a camera that had never before been employed, among other innovations. During this new adventure, dragons, giants, gods, and all sorts of fantastic creatures will come back in the way and complicate the player’s path.